Free Falling: the space in between

The magic of free-falling and the space in between


« Free fallin'» is the title of one of Tom Petty's songs sung by John Mayer. It's about a break-up. What a powerful metaphor about transitioning change, it's not only relevant for break-ups but is the phase the follows any kind of big change. 


Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Some changes in life are choices, and others are unexpected. Like the current pandemic, we are all learning to adapt.


My "Free-falling" paintings are about 'space in-between'. It's the transitional space we enter when one thing ends, and another begins. You can call it the chapter in your book of life that connects the past with the future.


When you peer in the face of the unknown feels like standing on the edge of a diving board. And you're about fall into an abyss. It can be terrifying and sometimes exhilarating at the same time, a bit like public speaking or anything else that takes you out of your comfort zone.


The good news is, if you embrace the free-fall, versus panicking, it's an opportunity to pivot. Flip. Turn over a new leaf. Or see things from a new perspective. 



What's your latest free-fall story?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below or send me an email!


Enjoy the free-fall and the discoveries it brings!


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